The Petite Cottage 🏠

Hey-- I'm Jaidyn L, and this is my personal site.

Generally, I'll just put my writings in scribbles, add a ton of plugs to my other projects, and try to keep this website kind of cute. :)

I'll probably do some housekeeping at some point-- I mean, what cottage is complete without some houseplants? … or housecacti?

Hit me up, my 'boxes can take the hit! Probably!

E-mail jadedctrl AT
XMPP jadedim AT
Cell # 46 98 09 96 72 †

As an aside, I've got a GPG key, if you're the type that uses GPG keys. And if you're not, you definitely should be. Privacy's important, mate. GPG's an excellent way of protecting it.

It's a text-only number, so I don't mind sharing. :)